A Minor Excretory Organ by Adam Dickinson


      Lead (Blood): 1.36 ug/dL


It’s easy to feel detached. But it’s easy to eat someone else’s stray hair in a
salad. This is globalization. You can raise a glass of water to adulthood,
confident you’ve done everything right, but still the companies are counting on us
to love that part of ourselves that is them. One way to solve a complicated
problem is to endure a smaller version of the same problem. The carousel was
sourced from Toronto’s Sunnyside Park, but Disney wanted only galloping horses,
so their legs were broken and the horses refitted. Collections of baby teeth were
started in 1958 to measure levels of strontium-90 in people living near nuclear
plants. When the king gave a single strand of hair, or let his hair be touched, his
courtiers knew he had just paid them his most valued compliment.


Copyright © Adam Dickinson. Originally published in Anatomic (Coach House Books, 2018).


Adam Dickinson’s work has been nominated for the Governor General’s Award for Poetry, the Trillium Book Award for Poetry, and the ReLit Award. He was also a finalist for the CBC Poetry Prize and the K.M. Hunter Artist Award in Literature. He teaches poetics and creative writing at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Find Adam on Twitter @AdamwDickinson.

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