Prayer to a faraway kindred spirit ii 6/25/17 by Julia Mroczek

reminded of my sister
when I see a woman 
in a hood carrying 
shawarma plate  

her ghost still lives here
taking preference to rain
over California sun   

perhaps, sister
I am this ghost
I carry your legacy
shawarma plate  


Copyright © Julia Mroczek. Originally published in It Will Hurt For A While But In The End You’ll Be OK (Furrawn Press, 2017).


Julia Mroczek is an artist, poet, and industrial designer living in Toronto. Their first collection of poems, It Will Hurt For A While But In The End You’ll Be OK, which explores love in the digital age and the microsentiments of chatspeak, was first published by Furrawn Press in 2017 under the Residency Shed program during Toronto’s Art Book Week. Since the book’s release, Julia’s writing has moved onto producing horoscopes for their yearly Day Planner project, engaging in a dedicated Twitter comedy practice, and collaborating with other artists to breathe the life of the Internet into the physical world. Find them on Instagram and Twitter @moodyjooly.

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