On the Nature of Intelligence by Penn Kemp

Rewilding my senses to catch up
with yours beyond thought and 
logic into the realm of scents. 

A musky note on the dark side of
lunar new. Ears sharpened to tips.
Eyes accustomed to shifting dusk. 

No extrasensory perception yours,
heightened to distinguish illusion
from moving shapes, from fright. 

A fine intelligence tuned to what 
is naturally. Honed to acute slips
in landscape. What weather calls  

for: announcements clear as day to 
you. Unfamiliar to my more muted
scrutiny, your acuity of bodymind. 


Copyright © Penn Kemp. Originally published in Fox Haunts (Aeolus House, 2018).


Poet, performer and playwright Penn Kemp has been celebrated as a trailblazer since her first publication of poetry by Coach House (1972), and a “one-woman literary industry” as London’s inaugural Poet Laureate and Western’s Writer-in-Residence. The League of Canadian Poets’ Spoken Word Artist (2015), Kemp is a keen participant in Canada’s cultural life with thirty books of poetry, prose and drama; seven plays and ten CDs produced as well as award-winning videopoems. New poetry books are Fox Haunts (Aeolus House) and Local Heroes (Insomniac). Recent plays present local hero, Teresa Harris as well as poetry, Barbaric Cultural Practice (Quattro): see www.pennkemp.weebly.com.

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