Ontario Regional Representative: Claudia Coutu Radmore

Including three years training teachers in Vanuatu as a CUSO cooperant, Montreal-born writer Claudia Coutu Radmore has lived, taught and created art in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, and China. She is the President of Haiku Canada.
Claudia started catkin press in 2012, and along with several full collections, Accidentals (Apt. 9 Press, Ottawa) won the 2011 bpNichol Chapbook Award. On Fogo, poems short-listed for the 2017 Malahat Long Poem Contest, was published by The Alfred Gustav Press (Vancouver) in 2018. A poem from the camera obscura (2019, above/ground, Ottawa ) is included in The Best Canadian Poetry of 2019. A new collection will be out in 2020 with Aeolus Press.

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a house for Z

by Claudia Coutu Radmore


and my tenderness / which after all is not tenderness / but evocation

this tenderness / which for years / yearned for a house of paper fans

slender footing / of stone wall / and a cobweb spinning  to create light

which after all is less / or more substantial / than sea spume on pebble

tenderness  / supplants the marrow in my bones / burns myrrh

my house of fans / is more than mulberry paper / and is after all mortal

the writing in it / scored by anguish  / and by lingering questions



           and my tenderness / which after all is not made of water…: from I Would Like To Describe, a poem by Zbigniew Herbert


What does poetry mean to you?

I take to poetry that holds some undertow shiver, that leads into a particular state of awareness that is penetrating, unified, and focused, yet permeable and open. I like the unexpected, the veiled, the unplanned, the surprise, but especially that shiver. Poetry lets me access its secrets in the way it encounters the world, finding in it new and astonishing languages and ways to use them.


What is your favourite thing about the Ontario poetry community?

Our Ontario community is like the universe; it seems to clump with talent around the larger centers, yet it sprawls out, its members continually reaching to spread poetry further into their own communities, a universe in which each part is important in itself and to the whole.


Members should contact me if…

They have any poetry related question, whether related to the League (or not).