Past President: Ayesha Chatterjee

Born and raised in India, Ayesha Chatterjee has lived in England, the USA and Germany and now calls Toronto home. She is the author of two poetry collections. Her poems have appeared in journals across the world including The Missing Slate (Pakistan), The Moth (Ireland) and CV2 (Canada)  and have been showcased on blogs as varied as The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective, Mary Evans Picture Library and Canada’s Poet Laureate “Poem of the Month” site. A revised edition of her first collection, The Clarity of Distance, is forthcoming from Aeolus House in September 2019. Chatterjee is past president of the League of Canadian Poets.

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Instagram: @ayeshachatterjeepoet
Twitter: @profoundpapaya


by Ayesha Chatterjee

In the middle of a conversation
between two people I had never met
I stood up and stopped a train
of thought dead in its tracks.

That’s just the way it is with chigger flower
addiction, with butterfly love.
You forget you’re not quite like
the rest. And suddenly they’re thinking

what is she, a queen? A monarch? Just
a soldier girl? You can see it in their
eyes, there it is, spreading like a shadow map
of blood petals across the radio waves,
the room, the pixelated newsprint.

I stood up and interrupted a conversation
I didn’t even understand
and it changed everything.


Copyright © Ayesha Chatterjee. Forthcoming in The Clarity of Distance, revised edition (Aeolus House, September 2019).


What does poetry mean to you?

Everything. It defines my life.


What is your favourite thing about the Canadian poetry community?

Its generosity.


Members should contact me if…

They are interested in the Feminist Caucus as I’ve now also taken on the (formidable) role of Chair.