Treasurer: Michael Andrews

An accomplished Operations and Finance executive with experience across multiple sectors and industries, Michael Andrews is recognized for his ability to see beyond the numbers to recognize transformational business opportunities.

Michael currently serves as COO of Access Copyright, a collective that distributes millions of dollars annually in licensing royalties to creator and publisher affiliates. In this role, Mike is responsible for Finance, Business Development, Information Services and Operations. He is also the CFO of Prescient, Access Copyright’s creator-focused innovation lab, dedicated to exploring the future of rights management and content monetization through Blockchain and other technologies.

Michael’s career has spanned a wide range of industries: CPG (PepsiCo, Sunbeam, Borden), professional services (Ernst & Young), energy (Union Energy) and publishing (Nelson Education). His experience also includes financial restructuring, acquisitions and divestures, and green field opportunities.


What does poetry mean to you?

From my earliest memories, I have always been driven to seek truth. I was voraciously curious, trying to understand the raw underlying root of everything.
There was no judgment. Truth is beautiful regardless of what it reveals.
Poetry satisfies that need in me.
I marvel at the simplicity, elegance and veracity of a few carefully chosen words.

I see something in a different way for the first time and I say; yes, Yes, YES!