recipes in a dead language by Amy LeBlanc

cupboard number one:
Folded flour bags
glazed like snow­–
breaking twist ties
on cans with labels
turned inward.
You see the light
between their dents
and vertical lines,
ingredient lists in Latin.
The door shuts in an ode
to the truffle and the saltine,
with only a paper
corner to show.

sink plug:
In swimming pools,
shorts above the water
shirts above the head,
the blockage is mediated
by pumps and pipes.
Here there are only church mice–
small hands breaking
through the grates
to loosen the tendons,
spread the atrophy to
circle a little bit wider.

broken fridge bulb:
Seeping liquid light
and the scent of decay,
an apple is split in two
with the edge of a fingernail–
potatoes grow eyes,
carrots sprout legs,
cucumbers produce winter fur
in an ambient phone light,
then seized by hands
for winter sustenance.


Copyright © Amy LeBlanc. Originally published in CV2 (41.3, Winter Issue).


Amy LeBlanc is a writer and editor from Calgary, Alberta. She is currently non-fiction editor at filling Station Magazine and is the author of two chapbooks, most recently Ladybird, Ladybird published with Anstruther Press (August 2018). Amy’s debut poetry collection, I know something you don’t know, is forthcoming with Gordon Hill Press (Spring 2020). Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Room, PRISM International, Prairie Fire, and EVENT among others and she was recently long-listed for Room Magazine’s 2018 Short Forms Contest. She will begin her MA in English Literature and creative writing at the University of Calgary in fall 2019.

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