gnashing by Jocelyn Anderson

waiting in anticipation
can’t stomach the idea of you

squeezing a lemon
brushing your teeth

pulling your dirty tee shirt
over your head

drinking a glass of water and a drop rolls down your chin onto your collar and you
wipe at it with the back of your hand


Copyright © Jocelyn Anderson. Originally published in FEELS (Pleasure, 2019).


Jocelyn Anderson is a poet and social worker living in Toronto with my husband. Recently, she has co-founded the Bloom Writers’ Collective, a space for women and non-binary/ gnc folks to share and workshop their creative writing. Lives for brunch.

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Feels seeks to create a safe place for people to express their most honest and raw emotions and, in turn, foster an open dialogue about some of the most sensitive feelings, striving to unlearn the the lessons that have taught us to only share our highlight reels. Feels believes that there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ feelings; the value of feelings comes from how we each relate to and experience them.