Tales of a Night Bird by Kim Fahner

(for Judi)


Bird in a window, sliced Venetian,
streetlights illuminating sharp wings,
so that it soars across your white wall
when you close your eyes at night,
thinking maybe you won’t notice,
or that its ghost won’t perch in dreams, 
etched there and ready to fly.  

In night-hours, it slides
across the backs of your eyelids
as if across flat summer fields,
trailing echoes of framed memory:
your mother was a film star, 
cinematic and grand,
glorious in black and white, 
her life rippling into yours,
matrilineal, spoken, woven.  

Just past midnight, 
all moon-skied and haunted,
the blinds slice this bird into shadow,
dividing the hourglass of the year
at its waist, so that it genuflects,
bends to offer thanks for this space, 
this place: rooted home.  


Copyright © Kim Fahner. Origianlly published in These Wings (Pedlar Press, 2019).


Kim Fahner was the fourth poet laureate of the City of Greater Sudbury (2016-2018), and also the first woman to be appointed to the role. Kim has published five volumes of poetry, including her latest, These Wings (Pedlar Press, 2019). Her new play, Letters to the Man in the Moon, had a staged reading at the PlaySmelter New Work Theatre Festival (in collaboration with Pat the Dog Theatre Creation) in May 2019 at the Sudbury Theatre Centre. She is currently working on completing her second novel. Kim is member of the League of Canadian Poets and the Writers’ Union of Canada. She blogs regularly at www.kimfahner.wordpress.com and her author website is www.kimfahner.com. Find Kim on Instagram and Twitter.