Honeymoon No. 2 by Tiffany Morris

Spell my name       in deer eyes, bluebells,
 elk shadows.    Tell me
Love isn’t       a neon sign
 glowing in the tall grass.

Pull the car over to
the place            whereΠ
fir trees unravel        ghosts.
Let your     lips    go
quiet,          unmoving
just—      for now.

Carve a glyph into
     shed antlers and
gather              sweetgrass.   It
cuts your fingers     while   you   braid.
Keep your eyes         ahead of you—
ignore signs     that warn against
           falling rocks.

Let’s watch         the coyote
run past       our high beams,
electric with  the hunt.

Spark the match,
.                                    burn the night
an offering.                When
we get home              the
porch lights               will
drown the stars.


Copyright © Tiffany Morris. Originally published in Prairie Fire (40.1, Spring 2019).


Tiffany Morris is a Mi’kmaw editor and writer of speculative poetry and fiction. She is the author of the chapbooks Havoc in Silence (Molten Molecular Minutiae, 2019) and It Came From Seca Lake! Horror Poems from Sweet Valley High (Ghost City Press, 2019). Her work has been featured in Room Magazine, Prairie Fire, and Eye to the Telescope, among others. She reads tarot and hunts UFOs in K’jipuktuk (Halifax), Nova Scotia.

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