Manahil Bandukwala — Snowshoeing

Poem author and title: Manahil Bandukwala — Snowshoeing Poem: They tell us about coating on trees. Slick, translucent enough to see cars slide through intersections. Perfect mold to sculpt bumper, park bench, abandoned chair. Strap chains to ridged shoes before stepping into the day. But nothing beyond white fluff to kick through like sand. We almost transport ourselves somewhere else, but the storm comes again. Lurks behind weekends and peninsulas. Only half the city shuts down on Monday. Rest of us slide down inclines like we’re on mountains with strips of wood strapped to our feet. It pinks trees over like cherry blossoms. Thicker, thicker, we slide off perfect cast. To move across an ocean when this becomes a distant memory. End of poem. Copyright © Manahil Bandukwala Originally appeared in Bad Dog Issue 1, March 2019. Manahil Bandukwala is the author of Paper Doll (Anstruther Press, 2019) and Pipe Rose (battleaxe press, 2018). She is the 2019 winner of Room Magazine's Emerging Writer Award and is a Tree 2018 Hot Ottawa Voice. Her work has appeared in the Puritan, carte blanche, and Coven Editions, among other places. Find more of her work at BAD DOG is dedicated to unapologetic poetry—visceral, intelligent, and without restraint.