Sara-Jane Keith – Jared and Luann Part 2

Author and poem title: Sara-Jane Keith – Jared and Luann Part 2 Poem: Luann makes coffee  all day long in case Jared feels like dismounting the tractor and squealing the springs  on the screen door that Luann keeps greasing like love like needles in the morning for the evening in case Jared feels like mounting, greasing up her insides so she’ll squeal because  he seems to like that and it makes him happy like knowing the coffee’s on and Luann likes the gravitas of soaking wet grinds  hitting the floor of the garbage can like rice rain on their wedding day it sound like love like the gurgling of the coffee machine and the choking sounds  Luann makes sometimes when she’s up to her neck in it not to mention the squealing  and the bed springs croaking like frogs in the nighttime she can hear them, sometimes, when she sneaks out to meet God in Jared’s fields with a hot cup of just-in-case coffee  to grease Him up so He’ll stop her leaking like a sieve like dust slipping down through her fingers sometimes when she’s throwing dirt at the moon and hollering at it to wash its dirty face. End of Poem.  Copyright © Sara-Jane Keith Originally appeared in untethered Vol. 2.1 Summer 2015 Sara-Jane Keith is a writer and artist originally from Mississauga. MFA in writing graduate from the University of Saskatchewan, Sara-Jane is also the co-founder of the River Volta Reading series in Saskatoon. Her writing has been featured in untethered, The Quilliad, (parenthetical), and more. untethered is a biannual Toronto-based literary journal publishing poetry, prose, visual art, and work that blurs those lines, from emerging and established writers and artists. Created by three York University Creative Writing graduates in 2014, untethered has taken the Toronto literary scene by surprise, producing high-quality print journal of polished, always entertaining work. Known for our exciting and highly attended launch events, untethered is completely independent and unfunded.  Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @untetheredmag