Dead of Winter by K.V. Skene

The earth turns older now,
glass-eyed condos, clichéd cafés, corner shops,
clog each crease and wrinkle. The streets

walk meaner now, his ’n her power suits
(in and out of step) buy another future,
sell an option. The day

folds inward now, discounts
up and downtown malls
and sold-out superstores. The night

crowds closer now. Each wart and scar
a tight-curbed car as drop-in drivers
score. The heart

beats slower now, the brain shrivels
up senility street, wobbles
toward its end. The year

rolls over now
                    and tucks us in.


Copyright © K.V. Skene. Originally published in Black Mountain River (2000, Northern Ireland).


K.V. Skene is a Canadian poet whose peripatetic lifestyle has her frequently moving – across Canada and, as an expat, within England and Ireland. Her poetry has been published internationally in Canadian US, UK, Australia, Austria, Ireland and Indian journals and anthologies. Her most recent books are, Unoriginal Sins (erbacce-press, UK, 2018) and The Love Life of Bus Shelters (Cinnamon Press, UK, 2019). She is currently a member of The Ontario Poetry Society, The League of Canadian Poets, The Canadian Authors Association, The Canada Cuba Literary Alliance and The Poetry Society (UK) Her current home base is Toronto.

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