Poetry Pause: Carol MacKay – Dust On Her Birthday Dress

Poem Author: Carol MacKay Poem title: Dust on Her Birthday Dress Poem: Legs spread wide belly over Bruce Stampede buckle he dangles silver quarters reserved for nephews. So you pull back your empty palm shut your eyes roll them down tight. A dust storm’s coming. You take cover between bedspring and linoleum under metal rails flattened for hours You, a penny so shiny. End of poem. Copyright © Carol MacKay Originally appeared in The New Quarterly, Issue 145, Winter 2018 Carol L. MacKay’s poems have appeared in The New Quarterly, The Fiddlehead, Prairie Journal, The Antigonish Review, Red Berry Review, Existere, and Crannog (Ireland). Her work is also included in Shy: An Anthology (University of Alberta Press), Writing the Land: Alberta Through Its Poets (House of Blue Skies), White Ink: An Anthology about Mothers and Mothering (Demeter Press, Toronto), and Threshold: An Anthology of Contemporary Writing From Alberta (University of Alberta Press). She lives on Vancouver Island.