Poetry Pause: Robert Girvan – Peony Petals

Poem author: Robert Girvan Poem Title: Peony Petals Poem: The peony petals scattered there, were freshly-fallen white and fair, no longer than a day or two before my glance again fell to the floor. They were closed in, brown-stained now, their call of light and grace and how I had to learn from what was shown had dropped a note and changed its tone. How to - or so – they seemed to say, be fresh and light and live this day, and when the time has come to die - Quick now – into the bright blue sky. End of poem. Copyright © Robert Girvan Robert Girvan has worked as a criminal lawyer both for the Defence and the Crown. He has published the narrative-history, Who Speaks for the River?, with Fifth House, articles in the Globe and Mail, and an essay “Searching Cézanne’s Provence” in the Journal The Goose. He has recently completed a novel, Before I Die, about Cézanne’s last days. He published poetry many years ago in a publication called Artists Against Racism. Due to its revelatory quality, poetry remains his first love to read, and to write. He lives in Toronto.