Poetry Pause x Poetry In Union: Ronna Bloom – Why Are You So Scared?

Ronna Bloom will be one of many amazing poets available to create custom, in-the-moment poems at the League’s Poetry In Union event on February 14, 2020. Find out more about Poetry In Union

Poem author: Ronna Bloom Poem title: Why Are you so scared? Poem: If I were chased from my house by men with guns and sacks and flags, if I were bitten on the mouth by a dog with a head the size of a typewriter if I sat in a waiting room in emergency with a gash on my hand and a man came in with a machete, if someone was standing at the foot of my bed in the middle of the night if a flood swept through the house while I slept, if I woke up to find my neighbours gone, if the plane I was on began, if the car ahead of me without, if I was asked, if I was in the street at night with a roar behind me and a fire in front if I was herded off in a train and there was no agency anywhere to stop anything, not internally or externally, if the crickets, firecrackers and all the flames of sudden light and sound were indistinct you might not ask. If my home and your home disappeared and we were left in the air with no protection from the air then, with nothing left to protect I might rest. End of Poem. Ronna Bloom is a poet, speaker, psychotherapist, and author of six books. Her poems have been broadcast on the CBC, displayed in public spaces, recorded by the CNIB, and translated into Spanish and Bengali. Ronna speaks and writes at corporate events, leads organizational retreats, runs workshops, and does poetry and writing coaching. She brings twenty years of psychotherapy practice to her work as a poet and facilitator. She is currently Poet in Community at the University of Toronto and Poet in Residence at Mount Sinai Hospital. Ronna has performed with Juno award-winning musician Jayme Stone. A one minute film based on the poem “Grief Without Fantasy” was made by filmmaker Midi Onodera and screened in the Official Selection at the Toronto Urban Film Festival. Ronna has written 5 books of poetry, which some people really liked. Several of these have been shortlisted for Canadian literary prizes. Her sixth book, The More, was just released October 12, 2017