Poetry Pause: Laura Cok – Cardiology

Poem author: Laura Cok Poem title: Cardiology Poem: The murmuring curtain of my brother’s heart let the wrong blood in, the unsanctified slipping past to the holiest of holies. All the church prayed, and I thought: how glamorous, a brother with a hole in his heart. I jumped rope for his sake. I bent my ear to his tiny chest. When he counts to two the image grows clear. The man behind the curtain has patched it up and when it grows it will not buckle at the seams. When I was a child I believed in God and thanked him. A long time ago. That does not mean it was not a miracle, the whirr and tick of his mathematical heart. End of poem. Copyright © Laura Cok Originally published in Doubter's Hymnal (Mansfield Press, 2019). Originally from northern California, Laura spent time in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Waterloo, Ontario before settling in Toronto, where she now lives. She holds an MA in English Literature from the University of Toronto, where she won the E.J. Pratt Poetry Medal and the University of Toronto Magazine alumni poetry contest. She has been previously published widely across Canada and works in corporate communications. Her first book, Doubter's Hymnal, was published by Mansfield Press in summer 2019.