Poetry Pause: Louisa Howerow – The Inadequacy of Guidebooks

Poem author: Louisa Howerow Poem title: the Inadequacy of guidebooks Poem: The sane are sleeping away the heat of August, waiting for the sky to break, rivers to be refilled. A woman unpins her lover’s arm, rises from the damp bed. Its sweet sameness drifts to the roadside where birds flutter their throats and the butterfly’s transparent wings lull flowers. Nothing in the guidebooks helps her identify the flora and fauna in this part of the world, as if such things are self-explanatory, like village speed bumps painted caution-yellow, like after- sex regret. In the fierce light, she busies herself, takes down the sun-bleached sheets. Beetles cling to the frayed hems, find their way into the airless pockets. One by one, she flicks them earthward. End of Poem. The Inadequacy of Guidebooks" first appeared in The Fiddlehead Spring 2009 (No. 239 page 69 ISSN 015-0630 Louisa Howerow's poems can be found in a number of anthologies, among them: I Found It At the Movies (Guernica Editions), Imaginarium 3 and 4 (ChiZine Publications), Gush: Menstrual Manifestos For Our Times (Frontenac Press) and Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poem Anthology (Mansfield Press)