Poetry Pause x Augur: Daniel Maluka – Unwashed, Reused


Poem name: Unwashed, Reused Poem author: Daniel Maluka Poem: seventy percent water thirty percent false hood that’s what we are through arteries and veins rocks and ravines gravity pushed us down further. at the impasse we separated speak now, wave current whisper across a distance: without you all skies are second hand twice worn, unwashed, reused. End of poem. Published in Augur Magazine, Issue 1.1, 2018 Daniel Maluka Bio: Daniel Maluka is a Toronto-based artist and writer hailing from South Africa. His work takes an Afrocentric approach while incorporating surrealist elements. In using his interest in the subconscious, Daniel brings what lurks in the deep recesses of the mind into the forefront of his work.


About Augur: Augur is a literary magazine that believes we can better engage with our pasts, presents, and futures through stories that explore what-ifs and could-bes. We are excited by writing that is difficult to classify—whether speculative, surreal, or slightly strange. We’re interested in realist pieces that verge on the dreamlike; speculative stories that are almost realist; and, on top of that, any form of literary fantasy/science fiction/speculative fiction. Augur makes room for writing from uncommon perspectives, and brings together the often disparate realms of literary and genre fiction. Our goal is to publish at least 75% Canadian and Indigenous content, offering new opportunities to the rich communities of speculative fiction writers in the North. And, more importantly, we’re committed to featuring intersectional narratives as represented by characters, storytelling, and, in particular, author representation. We want the kind of liminal that pulls voices together, and honours difference as an integral part of our literary canon.