Poetry Pause: Norma Kerby – lOve

Poem author: Norma Kerby Poem title: lOve Poem: morning raindrops hang in prisms each branch tip lit by tiffany lamps here we lie entwined cat and I outstretched across braided rug skin/fur speckled with flickers of light what love we hold for each other no need to talk/meow eyes half closed two lazy hermits contemplating tomorrow and a bird it hops across wet patio pecks jeweled seeds on glistening tiles tiny feathered messenger bringing twitters whispered to a troubled sky but we are too much at peace to listen End of Poem. Copyright © Norma Kerby Norma Kerby has been published in journals, e-zines, magazines, and anthologies, most recently, in the anthologies Heartwood (League of Canadian Poets), Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poem (Mansfield Press), Somewhere My Love and The Golden Oracle (Subterranean Blue Poetry), and (M)othering (Inanna Press, pending). Her chapbook, Shores of Haida Gwaii (Big Pond Rumours Press) describes the intriguing Haida Gwaii Islands off the north coast of British Columbia. As an ecologist and environmentalist, her poetry focuses on the social and natural landscapes of rural and northern Canada.