Poetry Pause: Roger Suffling — Event Horizon – a Reply

Poem author: Roger Suffling Poem title: Event Horizon – a Reply Poem: Today they photographed a black hole Where 200 scientists gazed and saw Nothing can be seen or detected Anyway, I think that’s what they declared About this one-way door from the universe And I was hung between awe and derision Then compressed like the singularity light years off Wondering where God can hide on such a day Are there no black holes here that they had to stare so far? And is there no light here in the now? And what is the innermost stable orbit on this Earth? Just how do you die in a black hole? mused the National Post As if there is no empirical evidence On the street End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Roger Suffling Roger Suffling has recently been published in Shot Glass Journal, Morphrog and Alternatives Journal. He rides his life’s bike from Kitchener, Ontario.