Poetry Pause: Chantal Gibson — How She Read

Poem Author: Chantal Gibson Poem title: How She Read Poem: Oh, how she read this. Girl beloved daughter of daughters blood, kin, and kind sagacious grammarian post-fly phoneticist every syllable she say be sapphires Oh, how she read that Girl beloved daughter of daughters blood, kin, and kind sassy semiotician post-def decoder every book she crack parts oceans, sends waves rushing back to their shores every page she turn sets free a caged bird, whose wings are spread and ready for flight Oh, how she read, this Girl beloved daughter of daughters blood, kin, and kind, post-dope dissenter mos-bomb seditionist every word she speak be a teeth-sucking act of resistance every word she write be a battle cry every tap of her pen be the beat of an ancestor’s drum End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Chantal Gibson, 2019 Chantal Gibson is a poet-artist-educator from Vancouver working in the overlap between literary and visual art. Her debut book of poetry, How She Read (Caitlin Press, 2019) made the CBC 2019 Best Books list. This genre-blurring collection blends art, literature, history and pop-culture, forging new spaces that challenge and celebrate representations of Black womanhood across the Canadian cultural imagination. Named one of CBC’s top 6 Black writers to watch in 2019, Gibson is an award-winning teacher in the School of Interactive Arts & Technology at Simon Fraser University.