Poetry Pause: Susan Alexander — Gone is the Brave Little Tailor

Poem Author: Susan Alexander Poem title: Gone is the Brave Little Tailor Poem: You are not he whose needle shaped so many appearances. You are the one who would not pit wits against giants, who dared not win the princess. The one who would not rise from a dinner table littered with bones and flies to walk north through twilight and starlight toward the peaks. You are the one who remains behind blinds in the basement room, and yet sews clothes for others. Outside the window, air shudders before the rain begins. If, if, if, insists the hidden bird. If. In a scarlet purse, stitched with silver thread, You carry your song. It sags with all that might have been. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Susan Alexander Susan Alexander is the author of The Dance Floor Tilts, (Thistledown Press). Susan’s work has appeared in chapbooks and literary magazines such as ARC, Grain, CV2, The Antigonish Review, Prism, Room, subTerrain, Understorey and others. Some poems have received awards and one is currently riding the Vancouver busses as part of Poetry in Transit. Susan is a member of the League of Canadian Poets and The Writer’s Union of Canada. She lives on Bowen Island, B.C. in the unceded traditional territory of the Squamish Nation.