Poetry Pause x Biblioasis: Julie Bruck — After Lorne

Poem Author: Julie Bruck Poem title: After Lorne Poem: The doughy older man in a Marine Bulldogs jacket signals his wife in the crowded hospital pharmacy, clutching his bagged prescription like a dead pheasant. That’s what it takes to get things done, he tells her and the rest of the waiting room. If nothing happens, you gotta investigate. That’s what it means to be a Marine. Yes, Lorne, she mutters as he herds her to the exit, her weariness suggesting she is familiar with his credo. Yes, Lorne—and now the rest of us awaiters wait, faces raised like forlorn hatchlings, mouths wide, lest we miss our Last Name/First Initial flashed upon the electronic screen way up near the ceiling. This room used to be a participatory democracy. Now we are mere fools of please & thank you. We read our Patient Education leaflets. We wait. Outside, darkness falls on the extravagant city. End of poem. Credits: “After Lorne” appeared in The Malahat Review copyright © 2018 by Julie Bruck. “After Lorne” also appears in How to Avoid Huge Ships (Brick Books, 2018) and Best Canadian Poetry 2019 (Biblioasis, 2019). Reprinted with permission of the author. Author biography (150 words or less): Julie Bruck (juliebruck.com) is a Canadian writer who has lived in San Francisco since 1997. Her newest collection of poems is How to Avoid Huge Ships (Brick Books, 2018). Her third book, Monkey Ranch (Brick Books, 2012), received a Governor General’s Literary Award for poetry. Recent work has appeared in the New Yorker, the Southampton Review, Plume Poetry, Poetry Daily, the Academy of American Poets’ Poem-a-Day, The Malahat Review, and The New Quarterly. Author photo (optional): photo credit Madeleine Buzbee Biblioasis is a literary press based in Windsor, Ontario committed to publishing the best poetry, fiction and nonfiction in beautifully crafted editions. Best Canadian Poetry 2019 edited by guest editor Rob Taylor, series editor Anita Lahey, and advisory editor Amanda Jernigan (Biblioasis, 2019)

About Best Canadian Poetry:

Launched in 2008 by Tightrope Books with former series editor Molly Peacock, the Best Canadian Poetry Series features fifty Canadian poets annually, drawn from Canadian literary journals magazines, both print and on-line. Each year, a distinguished guest editor (2008, Stephanie Bolster; 2009, A.F. Moritz; 2010, Lorna Crozier; 2011, Priscila Uppal; 2012, Carmine Starnino; 2013, Sue Goyette; 2014, Sonnet L’Abbé; Jacob McArthur Mooney, 2015, Helen Humphreys, 2016, Hoa Nguyen, 2018) selects the poems based on their intellectual, artistic, or inventive merit. The editorial taste changes with each new volume. The special Best of the Best Canadian Poetry: Tenth Anniversary Edition celebrates ten stellar years of the series.

As of 2019, the series is being published by Biblioasis and currently thrives under the stewardship of series editor Anita Lahey and advisory editor Amanda Jernigan. Best Canadian Poetry ushers readers into the heart of the diverse Canadian poetry scene. The anthology is a must-read for anyone with a stake or interest in contemporary Canadian literature.