Poetry Pause: Bart Vautour — Facts About Continental Drift

Poem Author: Bart Vautour Poem title: Facts about Continental Drift Poem: Theories have been shifting for some time. Abraham Ortelius suggested the basics back in 1596. That was the year a poet invented the flush toilet. Why is there persistent fiction implying the uselessness of poets? Until rather recently, tectonics weren’t trusted. Science could imagine to a point, but failed to understand the dynamics underneath the surface of difficult exteriors. Undeniably, poetry has experience crumpling difficult exteriors. It was Arthur Holmes who finally had enough sense to explain the mechanics of the thing. He wasn’t a poet, but he had a good grasp on the capacity for warmth and interchange to stir things up. It doesn’t hurt that his mother shared a name with a well-known plant collector from Massachusetts. The debates became protracted as the earth got older and older. The disputes between the drifters and the fixists reached new heights at a conference in Frankfurt in 1939, where the fixists overshadowed evidence. It wasn’t the darkest shadow in Germany that year. Holmes is said to have started writing Principles of Physical Geology while standing watch against firebombs. He was praised for the clarity of his writing. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Bart Vautour from The Truth About Facts (Invisible Publishing, 2019) Bart Vautour is a writer, editor, and teacher. He is editor of the Throwback Series of books for Invisible Publishing and co-editor of a series of texts about Canada and the Spanish Civil War. He lives in K’jipuktuk/Halifax with his partner, daughter, and Marley the dog.