Poetry Pause: Mary Barnes — The Road

Poem Author: Mary Barnes Poem title: The Road Poem: The afternoon sun slows my steps and I pause at the end of the drive. If I turn right I can walk down the long sloping road to the highway and stand by the mailbox where the postman brings news from the outside world. If I go north I will come to the small village where I can purchase bread and milk a bag of chips. Orange Crush. South takes me to town all glitter and temptations hot roast beef sandwiches with gravy Saturday night movies in a dimmed theatre. If I turn left I can walk past tall summer grasses and chicory's blue heads nodding. The road brings me to a canopy of trees where small birds sleep in the July heat. As my thin-soled sneakers crunch on the dry lichened rocks I begin dreaming of fairies and elves of bears down for their naps. Or are they watching me search for the elusive poem? Perhaps it is caught in the nearby sprawling juniper an empty page waiting for the words to descend, pure in the sunlight a gesture of promise and enchantment yet to come. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Mary Barnes from What Fox Knew (At Bay Press, 2019) Of Ojibwa descent, Mary Barnes currently writes reviews for Prairiefire. A graduate of Waterloo University, she draws inspiration from the landscape of her youth and everyday encounters. She resides in Wasaga Beach.