Poetry Pause: Laura Zacharin — We Are the Repositories

Poem Author: Laura Zacharin Poem title: We Are the Repositories Poem: Deep in the meat of this chewed up dogball   your amygdala    a tangle of grunts and turns   blindloops crammed   into this pair of shrivelled almonds between a rock and a hard place    between prefrontal cortex and hippocampus   dense like gravity   taut    like the windings of golfball innards   back and forth across suburban streets   loop after loop of rubber strand stretched    from tree to tree in the spirit of fun   just to see  what would happen   unsuspecting drivers asleep    at the wheel   oblivious behind shatterproof glass   ambushed  by the skirl of rubber band   its blowback      by a thing you’d best forgotten   thought you had   the smell of talcum powder   cardamom and clove   five hummed notes “ Killing Me Softly ”    you can’t quite remember the words   a warm tomato   pink peach  over a kitchen sink   chin dripping juice   sun through small    streaked window   lacy white curtain in a breeze   laughter  you almost recognize   a tone of voice   an inflection   I’ve heard that some-   where   a cap on the back of a chair   “ Leaves of Grass ”   its spine crumpled  on a basement bookshelf   newspages flapping  in a tree End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Laura Zacharin from Common Brown House Moths (Frontenac House Ltd, 2019).  Laura Zacharin is the author of Common Brown House Moths (2019).  In 2018 she completed her Creative Writing Certificate at University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies and was the recipient of the Marina Nemat Award for Poetry. She was a finalist in 2016 for the Janice Colbert Poetry Award and in 2018 for The Malahat Review’s Far Horizons Poetry Contest. In 2017 she attended the Emerging Writer’s Intensive at the Banff Centre. Her poetry has appeared in The Fiddlehead, CV2, The Malahat Review and Juniper. She lives in Toronto.