Poetry Pause: Matthew Walsh — Cargo memories

Poem Author: Matthew Walsh Poem title: Cargo memories Poem: I like to be naked and comfortable with my older friend I treasure it he likes it at the beach, and who cares if we are naked I am just realizing this now but we are all just chromosomes at the heart of it. My summer body is my winter fat glistening. Nothing is ever going to sink how I feel. Behind my house was the Atlantic, my village made for export of sawdust, trees. Big cargo boats to take pieces of my town across the ocean. Time path and least time path. It feels like the tail end of happy hour when memory leaves you gauging the multi-phases of life. I remember thinking my body is a tadpole body in Nova Scotia—itself shaped like a tadpole body and seeing the ship as a much larger frog splitting open the water floating like it was Jesus or something much more sinister and now I text my mother and ask in a more serious adult way about the cargo ships and what they wanted she said what cargo ships I'm not sure what you are talking about because there was also yachts and I said sternly they were cargo ships and she responds ok ok they probably wanted wood chips or pipes or they were picking up something from the port. I have a hard time believing in art saving the world when there are so many holes in just me alone and there is no Earth-like planet like this Earth-like planet. I’m guilty of thinking of poetry as not being a life preserver—sometimes it makes me feel good for just a while. I stare at the head of my beer and think let me get to the golden stuff and the sun touches my face like a mother with a warm washcloth. My older friend is fine and lying in the sand, has been asleep and got a scar but is sparkling with little minerals, microscopic rocks, who used to be parts of a larger, bigger, more important life of parts. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Matthew Walsh from These are not the potatoes of my youth (Goose Lane Editions, 2019) Matthew Walsh is a queer writer from Nova Scotia, whose first collection was published with ICE HO-- USE/GOOSE LANE in 2019. They can be found on Twitter @croonjuice