Martha Warren – Wascana

Poet name: Martha Warren Poem title: Wascana Poem: If you stand at the corner of College and McIntyre, And carefully roll back the grassland like turf, You will see that no matter what you do, You can’t tame the prairie. Build a lake and a legislature, But Wascana Park will still float On layers of forest and potash. Those warm shallow seas became Basins of mud, Layers of rock, Fossils. So plant 500,000 trees by hand, But Tyndall stone And a dinosaur femur eight inches wide Should tell you that the earth’s crust will just continue to drift over the layers below, And each millennium of life will settle, Thick slabs of stratified history Hinting at what happened here. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Martha Warren Martha Warren is a writer and poet. Her subjects have ranged from fairy stories, to cooking, to aspects of law. Her most recent project is the ebooklet, mother talk, a collection of ten poems on motherhood by emerging Vancouver poets. A graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Writer’s Studio, Martha’s work has appeared in The Canadian League of Poets’ Poetry Pause, Headline Press, the Red Alder Review, and others. @m_warren_writer