Monica Kidd — Bird

Poet name: Monica Kidd Poem title: Bird Poem: She has stopped trains this morning. The man on the phone keeps calling her him, does not see her empty breasts, the belly that stretched with babies. I hold her hand until the sirens come, blood smearing her teeth and swelling her eye. Excused by a uniform, I walk away under the pavement sky. I wish I held her in my arms. Could say: You will fall and I will pick you up. The sun will rise on the war, and for a moment there will be peace. You will see the towering sky and wonder why you have been staring at the ground. You will forgive the rage. In the moment between falling and flying, in that great breath, will be a hand that reaches and does not let go. A damp tissue in my hand folds itself into a bird, pinched at the tail feathers, like it might take flight. Might carry her up over the clouds. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Monica Kidd Originally appeared in Chance Encounters with Wild Animals (Gaspereau Press, 2019) Monica Kidd's most recent collection of poetry is Chance Encounters with Wild Animals (Gaspereau Press, 2019).