Leanne McIntosh — Vivaldi at the care home

Poet name: Leanne McIntosh Poem title: Vivaldi at the care home Poem: Wild exuberant springtime evoked by string and bow those movements of lightning thunder the little birds uncommon flashes of light through trees the residents tired of changing seasons allegros struggling to be bright. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Leanne McIntosh Leanne McIntosh’s poems have been published in literary journals, read on radio, in cafes, farmhouses, boat ramps and beaches, read under the Pearson Bridge to address homelessness, and as a member of The Covert Poverts recited along railroad tracks, a horse farm, and in the empty parking lot where a murdered woman’s body was discovered. Her poems have been hung from trees in McLellan Forest and most recently on the trees at the site of the Canadian Writers Against Kindermorgan Expansion event in Burnaby. She lives in Nanaimo BC.