Azadi (Freedom) by Zara Zafar

Poet name: Zara Zafar Poem title: Azadi (Freedom) a poem about the fight over Kashmir Poem: I am a writer who speaks two tongues. I wonder about what is now, what has passed, and what is yet to come. I hear leopards whispering about a world without tears. I see a lotus dancing in the sunset, begging to be seen. I want to taste the fruit of a chinar, unafraid. I am a writer who speaks two tongues. I pretend to be resting, like those down below. I feel like the world is asleep, but I’m not sure who’s silent. I touch a stiff dancer living their dreams up above. I worry I’m like the air, invisible. I cry when I see the blue wheel up against the night, playing with the moon and the stars. I am a writer who speaks two tongues. I understand that we aren’t all the same. I say we shouldn’t hide, even though I know we’re not the seekers. I dream about a single flag riding in the wind. I try to scream, but they’ve stolen my voice. I hope one day I’ll call myself free. I am a writer who speaks two tongues. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Zara Zafar Zara Zafar is a 14 year-old who loves reading, writing and drawing. She lives in Ajax, Ontario with her parents and two younger brothers. She also enjoys travelling. She has been to 8 countries around the world and hopes to visit more in the future.