him. by Max Schlodder

Poet name: Max Schlodder Poem title: him. Poem: he’s perfect. hibiscus and clementine, the scent of fresh rain, the sound of the ocean waves; tea leaf eyes and nutmeg skin, and a four-leaf clover smile. he laughs in the school’s courtyard and paints my heart every shade of gold-- oh god, i’m in the palm of king midas' hand-- he’s the moon, the sun, every pearl in the sea; he’s so beautiful my chest aches. the classroom is a blur of seafoam as he comes into focus, bubbling up to my desk to press a caramel candy into my hand, then leaving as quick as he came; and my heart leaps in my throat as i tuck the gift safely out of sight. he’s a limelight aphrodite in vintage shirts and cuffed jeans, firing bludgeoning meteors from cupid's bow; the butterflies in my stomach are ablaze and frantic, but doesn’t he like girls? “i’ll meet you today at lunch”, he said, and i waited wordlessly for three weeks before i saw him, hand-in-hand with fingertips painted as blue as the sky; nail polish in his shirt pocket every other day to let me know how he forgot my existence. i guess i knew i never stood a chance, but in my daydreams, we would have sung along with saturn and danced among the stars in serendipitous bliss; heedless of the rest of the world. End of poem. Credits: Max Schlodder is a 15yr old transgender poet from Calgary, Alberta. He enjoys working with both visual and literary art, and hopes to one day become an author or artist to share more of his work with the world.