Jellie Catching by Crystal Peng

Poet name: Crystal Peng Poem title: Jellie Catching Poem: In summer we bend doubled-over low edges of wooden docks, fingers pulled taut into the cold Pacific. Rays of sunlight down through glum waters we only see so far catching moonjellies. We scoop up their phantom discs domed and limp in our palms, Our fingers lightly brush their backs Over the cloven persimmons shapes. We put them back doomed— they suffocate on air. Water pushes their ghastly parachutes, bubbles ringed out. Bobbed under wooden boards and filmsy sheets. I put my hand to the sun, slime webs between fingers Glistens. The last one we drop indelicately, the bell fractures and sags like a plastic bag through water— it won’t ever sing again. The pieces stir and spin out slowly muted grey matter of a smaller soul, pallid and dull. We don’t look at each other, regret waxes— and wanes at our lips. Our hands droop, slime and seawater dribbles, And crusts our fingertips, Together We put our hands back into our pockets. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Crystal Peng Crystal Peng is a 15 year-old living in BC. In her free time she likes to read, play the piano, and be outside. She has been writing since grade 4.