Seeds by Blossom Thom

Poet name: Blossom Thom Poem title: Seeds Poem: Arguments bloom between Anger and fear. Jays pluck Plums to spoil in the dirt Wasting a chance to taste Sweetness. Seeds ground into The earth during summer Withstand winter’s harshness. So will I. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Blossom Thom Blossom Thom’s poems document Black experiences, play with form, and, occasionally, include embedded text. She is the author of #HashtagRelief (Gaspereau Press, 2017) and her poetry has appeared in literary magazines and anthologies including Montréal Serai, Kola: A Black Literary Magazine, and Writings: The Anthology of Montreal Writers. Blossom holds an MFA in Creative Writing from National University and an Honours BA in Religious Studies from McMaster University. She shares her love of poetry by designing and leading poetry workshops. "Seeds" can be found in Blossom's recently completed collection Measure of an Ordinary Day, which is out in the world looking for a publisher to call home.