In the Silence Before We Sleep by K.V. Skene

Poet name: K.V. Skene Poem title: In the Silence Before We Sleep Poem: let us sip a cup of chamomile as the city dismantles what is the north wind’s flying fists bruises our thin winterskin the air’s cold blue opens its wide window to god freezing rain snow fog we are learning to believe in winter we came and found and skidded its arctic streets icicle-thin predestined to be reflections of one another past lives discarded an outré overcoat retro boots the words we do not say cannot say words we do not want to say will never say before we sleep together dream awaken under a zero-tolerant sun all our summertimes gone End of poem. Credits: Copyright © K. V. Skene Previously published in The Stony Thursday Book, No. 13, Autumn 2014 (Ireland) K.V. Skene is a Canadian poet whose peripatetic lifestyle has her frequently moving – across Canada and, as an expat, within England and Ireland. Her poetry has been published internationally in Canadian US, UK, Australia, Austria, Ireland, Indian and Chinese journals and anthologies. Her most recent publications are, Unoriginal Sins, erbacce-press (UK) 2018 and The Love Life of Bus Shelters, Cinnamon Press (UK) 2019. KV is currently a member of The Ontario Poetry Society, The League of Canadian Poets, The Canadian Authors Association, The Canada Cuba Literary Alliance and The Poetry Society (UK) Her current home base is Toronto.