Escaping a Ghost by Catherine Esther Cowie

Poet name: Catherine Esther Cowie Poem title: Escaping a Ghost Poem: Mississauga, 2000 We buried her under mango skins, blocked our ears with an ocean crossing, cut new notes into our tongues. Here, there are no balconies to sit and sing her blues. A broken plate, torn sheets, she followed, sewed herself into our hands— we washed our whites until our knuckles bled, scrubbed the floor a fourth then fifth time. At night we woke to her low song: Ou fou ou fou Ou fou ou fou Ou fou End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Catherine Esther Cowie Catherine-Esther Cowie is from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia and has lived in Canada and the US. She is a graduate of the 2017 Callaloo Writing Workshop, and her writing has appeared in the Penn Review, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Forklift Ohio, Flock Literary Journal, Moka Magazine, Potomac Review and Portland Review.