STRIVER by kevin mcpherson eckhoff

Poetry Pause spotlight with above/ground press

Name: STRIVER by kevin mcpherson eckhoff Poem: He, me, I. Striver. We downplay youth. Think I’m calling from deep in helpful deception, in Athens? Florida wilderness sidesteps civilization, fetches excrement bowls. Offensive, lamps beat the neonatal pandas. The signals witness me, Striver, calling you from Lothlórien. Underworlds unite. Die, Satan. Dangerous 23 mittens? Yes. Before you age, know jamborees. You bother Jesus. Anger yourself thin, you knobtwat. Me? I tried to beguile something: God. Something chitchats, spokesperson to people. Calibrating a push, I act, but I love misjustice. You question acting because your choruses disappoint. Prick up the mephedrone, jailmates, it’s Striver. I’m calling to say I overact. You know that monotony, freeloading like the hairdo? Is gonorrhea because the riptides honour morgues? Often, a lifeless river lefthandedly justifies a little sin. Knowledge: you want more. Jackhammers abduct cities, snugglefests. Wrongly, villages belittle a whereabouts. Time does whatever. Upheaved forest bothers any thieves. Between agonies, forgive dead receivers. Be forgotten, besides misspent. My ductwork dead, fused. Sauron’s work and family? Cryoculture. All over the place, enjambments. I was James, Striver. Bathmats flowered straight and puerile: you. Like a king, lethality borders one thingy, and then borders the opposite thingy. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © kevin mcpherson eckhoff Originally published in DIETING HERB WIT (above/ground press, 2020) kevin mcpherson eckhoff is a writer, editor, actor, and comedian. His book their biography (Book*hug) was described by The Globe & Mail as “wide-ranging” and “incredibly playful,” while Michael Dennis called his chapbook Circadia (Gaspereau Press) “scatalogical gold”. When not writing, kevin acts in films, like Nuptials and Recon; when not acting, he teaches essay demolition and creative wording at Okanagan College; when not teaching, he manages our teeth, a micropress dedicated to making small, odd bookish objects; when not micropressing, he daddles and hubbubs in a log home on 16 acres within traditional Splats'in territories.

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