Before Speaking by Razielle Aigen

Poetry Pause spotlight with above/ground press

Name: Before Speaking by Razielle Aigen Poem: in the beginning it switches our language . a germinal rewiring of psyche sprouts in the form of questions . vivacious . soothing . where do the trees go when they grow legs and walk away ? in a way , you say , that’s so punk of them . i see what you are meaning to say . switching the primal fabric of dreaming , a predisposition for thinking , we get up & go , furthering the limbic traces of the ways we are changing & the how of what we are meaning when we say going . ego thriving , a panacea for the indeterminate going of leaving language behind . a language we’re switching at the juncture of where we can agree on meaning . moon & stars . at a distance , the sensorium is communicating . gently , caressing the creases of staying . trees . switching . vivacity . night . moon . stars . we’re learning to communicate in a dream language we will have been tracing in the beginning , before speaking . End of Poem. Credits: reprinted from Light Waves The Leaves (above/ground press, 2020) Razielle Aigen is a poet and visual artist. Her debut chapbook is Light Waves The Leaves (above/ground press 2020). Her poetry and interviews have been published in journals across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. More of her work can be found on her website, Tweets @ohthepoetry

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