Sleep by Kathy Mac

Poet name: Kathy Mac Poem title: Sleep Poem: Dusk and the day’s fatigue a back-of-the-throat  film of phlegm -- sneezes and asthmatic wheezing.   We lie down, grounded by time’s ton of feathers; sigh, then try to do them up into float or flutter    into serried lines of pin, contour, and flight  of speckles and bars and iridescent greens until   we’ve made wings  	of sleep, push away  	the world. 	 Every moment’s slight heave unites to become  what we need to lift up, to drift off, to be done.  End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Kathy Mac  Kathy Mac loves dogs, helps run the Odd Sundays Readings in Fredericton Canada, published her third poetry book Human Misunderstanding in 2017, teaches creative writing at St. Thomas University, won one national and some regional awards, has brown eyes, used to have brown hair, hosts a poetry video series called “Read, Regale, Repeat” on her Facebook page, and has a website at