Alphabetical Disorder by Michael Penny

Poet name: Michael Penny Poem title: Alphabetical disorder Poem: Z, usually sleepy,  woke up agitated at being always last.  Z did not want to be the bottom of things  carrying the whole weight  but A said, no, the heavy lift is in the start  tugging you all along  that mustered line  of 26 slots, each  fitting the one letter.  “I’m the only word  by myself,” but then  I corrected A.  And X noted  it marks spots and solves for itself.  The disorder scaled up  and the letters all argued  their strengths, and Z  regretted being awake  as the letters used up  all the fighting words. End of poem.  Credits: Copyright © Michael Penny Previously published in Tar River Poetry, vol. 58, no. 2 Michael Penny has published five books and lives on Bowen Island.