Dandelions of Humboldt by Micheline Maylor

Poet name: Micheline Maylor Poem title: Dandelions of Humboldt Poem: In the Co-op over the coffee cream and frozen pies, Mabel made ‘em fresh yesterday. Dads and daughters, McDonald’s ice cream after the ballpark game. A town infused with meaning, a pointed perspective, a railway line. The doorway holds a glass urn heart, the coffee beats/drips deep the pulse, platitudes. Generations of familiarity: Not much rain. Nope. Crops suffering. Yup. Jimmy’s got steak and sauce on special. Everyone just being there, under the 180 degree sky. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Micheline Maylor Previously published by People’s Poetry Fest Calgary (2019) Dr. Micheline Maylor is Calgary’s Poet Laureate Emeritus 2016-18. Her latest poetry collection Little Wildheart (U of Alberta Press) was long listed for both the Pat Lowther and Raymond Souster awards. She teaches creative writing at Mount Royal University and the University of Calgary.