Get Home by Jeff Parent

Poet name: Jeff Parent Poem title: Get Home Poem: On that some late-day, overcast, you wink in where the end of the battle began out by the house your grandfather built, where he fed all those shocked men. Watch them turn him out with bayonet points and bandaged hands for some wrongheaded notion of gold, or God, under a fevered, skittish aura of homesickness and animal fear brought on from the strain of history. Back older than an unbidden memory of Dad, of him saying, “Something’ll get ya, one way or the other,” quietly, over minute-steak and coffee, with the canker sores to prove it. And when the science fiction abandons you listen for… for a telephone is the best advice I can give you. Or a locomotive, and head for that. Head for that, that you might find some line home. End of poem. Credits: Copyright © Jeff Parent Jeff Parent is a proud dad, partner, and emerging poet whose work navigates eerie territories, both grand and banal; unsettlingly distorted sites of fractured empathy and odd nostalgia. A runner-up in The Fiddlehead Magazine’s Tell It Slant poetry contest in 2016, and a finalist in the Words(on)Pages Blodwyn Memorial Prize in 2017, Jeff was most recently shortlisted for the Cheltenham Poetry Festival’s Wild Poem Prize, Pulp Literature’s Magpie Award for Poetry, and FreeFall Magazine’s annual poetry contest. His poems have been published by The League of Canadian Poets, Montréal Writes, and The/temz/Review amongst others, and his first chapbook, This Bygone Route, will be published in Fall 2020 by 845 Press. Jeff has an MA in Creative Writing from Concordia University and currently resides in Québec’s Eastern Townships.