Ex-House by Renée M. Sgroi

POET NAME: Renée M. Sgroi POEM TITLE: Ex-house POEM: I am exploring architecture I am figuring intent I am tracing dry façades I am pouring wet cement I am staring out a window I am wandering through rooms I am laughing at my shadows I am massing out my gloom  I am glazing walls and door frames I am measuring the ground I am thinking of a sonnet I am sobbing in its sound I am nailing floorboard planks I am breathing in their glow I am begging for you barefoot I am planning what I owe I am dancing in the kitchen I am drinking down my lust I am excavating stone tears I am sweeping out my dust I am carving to see daylight I am scaling for today I am exploring architecture I am building out, a/way END OF POEM.  CREDITS: Copyright © Renée M. Sgroi Previously published in The Banister, Niagara Poetry Anthology, vol. 33, 2018 and won an honourable mention in the Open Heart 13 Anthology, 2019, published by Beret Days Press. Renée M. Sgroi, PhD, is the runner up in this year’s erbacce poetry prize, and her debut poetry collection, life print, in points is due to be published by erbacce-press in December 2020. Her poetry has appeared in The Prairie Journal, Synaeresis, Prairie Fire, The Banister, Fresh Voices, Verse Afire, as well as poetry anthologies published by Beret Days Press. In 2018, Renée edited the poetry anthology, Written Tenfold (Poetry Friendly Press). She is an Associate Member of the League of Canadian Poets, a member of The Ontario Poetry Society, and while she is the current President of the Brooklin Poetry Society she is transitioning out of the role to work on other projects. Renée blogs about the craft of writing at https://reneemsgroi.com, and you can tweet her @ReneeMSgroi and find her on Instagram @renee_m_sgroi