Red Kayak by Sarah Klassen

POET NAME: Sarah Klassen POEM TITLE: Red Kayak POEM: Around the luncheon table a difficult diagnosis upstaged gazpacho soup, spinach quiche. all ordinary conversation. It might have been dysfunction of a vital organ, brain gone awry, blood flowing through the body with too few cells or too many. Someone tried defining the difference between a cure and healing and what that has to do with us. Huge bursts of red geraniums caught our eye, and bunches of blue lobelia. We abandoned the complicated diagnosis, rushed to the balcony. Against the flax-blue sky a silver aircraft, still gaining altitude, gouged a straight path Below the hanging baskets: a bright red kayak heading upstream on the river. We watched the solitary paddler strive against the current, imagined flexed muscles, heart pumping good blood, strong lungs heaving breath after breath. We imagined the paddler singing. Then resumed our conversation. .. END OF POEM. CREDITS: Copyright © Sarah Klassen Sarah Klassen is a Winnipeg poet and fiction writer. Her most recent poetry collection is Monstrance. A new collection, The Tree of Life, will appear in fall of 2020. Her poetry has received the Canadian Author’s Association Award for poetry as well as the National Magazine Gold and Silver Awards for poetry.