ALLHALLOWMAS by stephanie roberts

Poem Title: ALLHALLOWMAS Poet Name: stephanie roberts Poem: You’re not going to get details of whose bedroom I was in, no name no place, if it was October when the shadow of mountains fell on the alley of misconduct, or the date and gestation of a stillborn funeral capped in dark curled hair, not what endurance of contempt culminated in a tsunami, on the laundry day of divorce, nor the contours of the viper-rotten swamp of unrequited love in which I trained for the Olympics.  I dart like a knife into the confectionary, amid chocolate covered cherries, hidden filberts, pralined pecans, and maple syrup lollipops, (50% off post first of July) all to avoid a face at your height and hair.  Something about George Harrison is ruined for me now, like Father’s Day always was. Wedding announcements bring me zero joy. Lustre gleams as a private matter, a keepsake, only worshipped away from the scrutiny of storm clouds, or unbothered in a bar over handheld glow, bitter silver recollection set to Andrew Hale and corn whisky. After Valentine’s, flowers grace trash bin vases; the pharmacy carts boxed hearts three quarters off. And it’s said the mobile destroys us, or so The Atlantic clucked like Henny Penny. Sincere texts or sentimental paper moves, we halt in the light of dimming fire, our mothers progressed by revolver under pillow or not at all.  The day after Halloween is guillotine. After the fame of misfortune, I/you/we present thanks for our wine sick hearts, for our daily gluten, place our hope across a line to the triumph of mauve solitude. END OF POEM.  Credits: Copyright © stephanie roberts Previously published in rushes from the river disappointment (McGill-Queen’s University Press 2020). stephanie roberts is a prize-winning, Quebec-based, poet and author of rushes from the river disappointment (McGill-Queen’s University Press 2020). Born in Panama and raised in Brooklyn, NY, her work has been widely featured in publications such as Poetry, EVENT, Arc Poetry, Crannóg, Room and elsewhere. She is the first-place winner of The Sixty-Four: Best Poets of 2018 (Black Mountain Press). Find stephanie at