abandonment issues by katie o’brien

Poem Title: abandonment issues Poet Name: katie o’brien Poem: pearly gray fog on the harbour all-terrain vehicles of retroactive birth control fiddleheads and turnip greens wedding gift toaster from the piano-fingered grandfather emeritus he forgot about Saturdays by the lone public payphone an abandoned smoothie, like vomit, sweating in the late June heat END OF POEM. Credits: Copyright © katie o’brien Previously published online by a now-defunct journal called The Murmur House, out of Jakarta, Indonesia katie o’brien is a poet, community worker, queer activist, and Netflix enthusiast originally from St. John’s, Ktaqamkuk, on unceded Beothuk and Mi’kmaq land. they are the founder and editor of blood orange, an experimental poetry tarot. a peal of thunder, a moment of (The Blasted Tree, 2019) is their third chapbook. katie dislikes lying, sings a lot, and doesn’t kill bugs.