COVID Correction by Katerina Fretwell

Poem title: COVID correction Poet name: Katerina Fretwell Poem: Mother Nature unwrinkles her brow,  cleansed of pesky jet contrails.  Cargo and cruise ships’ scarcity unclogs nature’s veins of garroting particles,  waters less bitingly torrid regain earth’s AC rhythm: sea-cloud-rain-sea-cloud ...  Her desiccated, desertified quilts, re-greened, cradle seed, feed, herbs.  But Covid’s cruel – climate refugees and heroes die beside eco-criminals.  Tipping point teeters on Covid’s blood-red, prickly surface, our wake-up shock  admitted only in extremity. We’re cloistered – our home exhales in relief. End of Poem.  Credits: Copyright © Katerina Fretwell Katerina Vaughan Fretwell’s ninth book is We Are Malala, Inanna 2019, launch in Toronto, June 13. Her eighth poetry book, Dancing on a Pin, Inanna 2015: five poems placed Runner Up in subTerrain’s Outsider poetry contest. The book was long-listed for the Lowther Prize and was in the International Festival of Author’s Battle of the Bards, Harbourfront, 2016. All her books include her art. Her seventh book, Class Acts, Inanna, 2013, was included in Kerry Clare’s Most Important Books of 2013: Poetry in 49th Shelf online. "Kissing Cousins," was a finalist in Descant’s Winston Collins Poetry Prize, 2013. Her Sixth, Angelic Scintillations, Inanna 2011, riffs off her ancestor Henry Vaughan’s poems. Welsh mystic bard 1622 – 1695. She compiled and illustrated the anthology Intimate Passages for The Ontario Poetry Society. Her poems are in two recent anthologies: Heartwood, edited by Claudia Radmore, and Another Dysfunctional Cancer Anthology, edited by the late Priscila Uppal and Meaghan Strimas, plus Poetry Pause, all sponsored by The League of Canadian Poets, 2018.