Heron by Michael Penny

Poem title: Heron Poet name: Michael Penny Poem: The kid and I found a skeleton scattered on the pebbles of the beach; bones so light it must have flown. Then the questions. I didn’t know how it died or what had eaten flesh and feathers or why the bones were such pure white and polished clean. It was now merely a construction kit with parts missing and broken but we could tell this belonged here and that attached there and this must be the tip of a beak that once speared fish. A great blue heron, I told him, Ardea herodias, but the kid only wanted to know: if we put it together again could it fly away? He wanted to believe. End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Michael Penny Previously published in Cede Poetry, vol 2, 1. Spring, 2016. Michael Penny was born in Australia, but came to Canada as a teenager. He has published five books and lives on Bowen Island.