This land currently called Canada by Susan Whelehan

Poem title: This land currently called Canada Poet name: Susan Whelehan Poem: After Jesse Wente When I heard him say these words I stopped rinsing my cereal bowl, stood still, looked at the radio, shook my head and smiled. Of course, “currently”. Not “now” as if it was once Turtle Island and will be Canada forever, but “currently”, for the time being— in this river of time and impermanence, this time of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and with the land itself, currently called Canada. Jesse Wente is a self-described “Ojibway Dude” who regularly comments on Film and Pop Culture on CBC Radio End of Poem. Credits: Copyright © Susan Whelehan Previously published in The Sky Laughs at Borders (Piquant Press 2019) Susie Whelehan’s Grade 6 teacher told her she was a writer. Susie always did what the nuns told her to do, so she kept writing. She was a runner-up in CBC’s Canada Writes Poetry contest. Her poem won first place in the Canadian Church Press awards. Others have appeared in Canadian anthologies, journals and birthday cards for family and friends. Her first collection of poetry, The Sky Laughs at Borders, was published last October. She facilitates AWA (Amherst Writers and Authors) writing workshops in the west end of Toronto when there is no Pandemic, and on-line when there is. She is praying for a vaccine and a Guardian Agent.